On behalf of my seniors at the JASA Luna Park Senior Center, I want to thank Ellen Zucker for such an engaging and informative workshop. Her bubbly personality and sense of humor kept us engaged. She gave us great tips and motivated us to declutter and organize our lives. We only had an hour workshop so she summarized everything the best she could. We would love to have her back to continue....She certainly motivated me. I went home that evening and started to work on my house. Rome wasn't built in a day but with Ellen's motivation and very informative handouts, it is certainly a great start. Thank you!!!!>

Adrienne, September 2013

I was given 2 months notice to move after living in the same apt for 42 years. The shock of leaving & letting go to start something new at 84 years old was hard to face.

Fortunately my daughter Ellen was able to come home to help rescue me and spend time with me to help me organize my move. Ellen took away my anxiety and saved my life.

Together as a team we decluttered, donated and organized 7 rooms to move into a 1bedroom apt in 25 days (not that we would encourage anyone to do the same) but we had no choice.

Luckily enough we had decluttered over the last 10 years which made this move for us more manageable. My suggestion to everyone to avert having a disaster is start to declutter way before a crisis could occur.

I am now in my new home, so happy everything is in it's place and so grateful for Ellen and the gift of an organized move into a new organized home.

Shirley Zucker, July 4, 2011

Getting organized and getting a new lease on life is hard - so getting an objective helper is paramount to your success. May I highly recommend Ellen Zucker from EZ Organizing - She's amazing!

Devon O'Day 2011/2012

Ellen is a kind, light-hearted person, which only adds to the outstanding organizational skills she offers her clients. She took years of over-accumulation and de-cluttered and organized everything in my home, making it functional again and gave me my life back in terms of productivity.

Ellen is a miracle worker - I recommend her enthusiastically!

Rosemarie Mincey, Ph.D.

Ellen Zucker of EZ Organizing spoke at the In Step with Amputee Support Group and Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital and gave one of the best presentations I have ever heard. For many amputees going home after the amputation is terrifying. Also returning home for any new amputee can be a daunting experience. There is so much unknown: How will I do the things I use to? How will I be able to do everything? How can I reach things? Ellen taught all of us some great adaptations for organizing and prioritizing our lives to make our living spaces as accessible as possible. Ellen taught all of us how to organize our lives so that we can face each day with knowing where everything is and being able to easily access everything we need. She gave us a lot of life skills that help not only amputees but everyone. It wasn't just about organizing things she also taught us how to prioritize and organize our days. Even simple things on how to organize mail and paperwork have stuck with me. She gave a lot of us the confidence to move forward. Everyone loved all her pamphlets she handed out. She inspires a lot of people!


Worked with Ellen on my garage sale. She was very creative in marketing the sale, organizing the items in a visible display, setting up a pay system and suggesting strategies for moving product. Her professional background in organizing was a key asset.

Patricia Leonard, Owner of Patricia Leonard & Associates, Nashville, TN

Ellen Zucker came into my life as a Christmas present from my daughter. She has really been a blessing. I was wanting to downsize my house for the time when I would have to move to be by my daughter. She came in and brought several people to help with all the things I needed done. She had no idea that we would be selling antiques, selling over 3000 books and helping me get my life in order. Not only is she terrific she has become a valued friend. My house is clean all the time my kitchen is in the best shape it has ever been in. I can get into my closets. Life is wonderful I am no longer drowning in chaos. I would highly recommend her to everyone who really needs help and is ready to come to grips with clutter.

Barbara Stone

Ellen Zucker is precious! She is motivating & an inspiration to all! She sees such possibility in everything...when I see none! She is interested in helping the world a better place for all!

BettyBelle Peery Nicks

Ellen is a master at what she does. I desperately needed help with a disorganized house. I thought about Joan Rivers' joke that someone broke into her home, but when he saw the mess he thought someone had already been there to rob her and just left. I considered writing Oprah, whose household makeovers I had viewed on TV. I picked up Ellen's card at a nail salon and looked at it until desperation forced me to call. I expected her to come and toss everything out in my absence. But actually what I got was an education in how to declutter my life and my home. We worked in concert, Ellen suggesting what we should donate to charity and how to organize our possessions for both aesthetics and practicality. Ellen offered us many options of how to use her services and those of her assistants, so that the job was affordable. I know that when I reach an impasse in the future I can call Ellen to get me back on track, so I never have to live in chaos again.


Ellen was an indispensable help during my moving sales. She assisted me in organizing my merchandise, pricing it, welcoming customers, and making sales. She's also a whiz with Craigslist and Facebook, which brought more people in. And she kept me awake with her company when the day got slow. Her professional ideas helped a lot! Thank you, Ellen!

Batya D. (moving to FL)

Thank you so much. You have inspired me and changed my life for a lifetime.

Anonymous, Nashville, TN

I'm one of those people who will tidy up before the hotel housekeeper bursts in on my "do not disturb" sign and I would have done the same with my chaos at home, if I had known where to start. Instead, I kept Ellen's card for 2 years until the frustration overcame the embarrassment. The only thing I could organize was my "to do" list.

Ellen came in without judgement and with nothing but encouragement. She is the magic fairy who calms the chaos, clears the clutter and helps you to throw your bad habits out with the trash. I loved jumping into each project and learning what makes my life work. Everyone is not the same and she has an amazing sense of people and their space. I no longer feel overwhelmed but I now have the mental space to get on with my writing, and my environment just makes me smile.

Louise Dorsey
Songwriter, singer and communications liaison for Engelbert Humperdinck

Ellen and ez organizing swooped into my home and my life, and created calm out of chaos. I still marvel at the peace that those rooms, drawers, cabinets and pantries bring me. I can't wait to get her back so we can attack those remaining chaotic spots!!

Karen Taylor Good, Nashville, TN

I was Ellen's first client. She helped me organize a basement sale that never would have happened without her help. I was able to get rid of a lot of clutter in my life and it felt great. Ellen made it all fun! I highly recommend her!!

Kathy Chiavola, Nashville, TN

ez organizing was very helpful when we had to move my mother from her home of 30+ years to a retirement facility. Ellen has great organizational skills and plenty of patience. We needed both skills with an attic full of stuff and a strong-willed 90-year-old. Ellen was a gracious lady to work with.

Betty Jensen, Duluth, GA

The biggest thing Ellen did for me was get me motivated to do the things I need to do. She showed me where to concentrate my efforts and helped me develop a method by which to become organized.

Jim Blumberg, Nashville, TN

Ellen really does a great job. I needed some help organizing my office and she gave me some pointers about organizing my house, too. One of my clients told me she barely recognized my office after Ellen got done - she did such a great job of helping me with it.

Regina DuBois, Nashville, TN

I have known Ellen Zucker for 4 years. We met at our store "Serendipity" when we were located at 100 Oaks Mall. I loved Ellen's high positive energy about our store with many ideas for marketing. Ellen has a great gift in networking and marketing. She will be an asset to anyone who has marketing needs.

Julie Lutz, Nashville, TN

Ellen Zucker is a remarkable organizer. She has turned my house into a home by helping me see what is truly required in a home and what is not by helping me get rid of those things that are not necessary. Ellen is truly a gem at her work.

Robert Torres, Mayaguez Puerto Rico