Applause, Please

NAPO-NY News, June-July 2008
When Ellen Zucker of EZ Organizing and NAPO Nashville put out a call for help to NAPO-NY, "organizing angels" came to her aid. Ellen had been in Brooklyn a year ago helping her mother gather resources to donate some of her sewing items. She emailed NAPO-NY. Roxanne Lorch and Klara Carames gave her excellent resources, such as the Baltic Bazaar Thrift Store. Last February, Ellen's mother took a fall. Expecting to stay only a few days to facilitate her mother's return from the hospital, Ellen realized that the time had come for her mother to become her newest client. Some serious decluttering and organizing was in order to prepare for her mother's recovery and new lifestyle, which would include home health assistance. Ellen didn't have easy access to a computer to look for sources to donate to, so she called Barbara Brock. From there she was connected to Lenore Ritter, who put out a call to any Chapter members who had resources for her mother's keepsakes. Ilene Drexler, Ann Sullivan, Linda Goldfarb, and Elizabeth Quincy all contacted her with referrals and resources. This is when she decided to designate the NAPO-NY Chapter members her "organizing angels." Ellen was able to accomplish a great deal of decluttering and organizing for her mother before returning to her home and new NAPO chapter in Nashville, TN. She left with gratitude for our chapter and assurance she could call upon us in the future if her mother needed additional help. Kudos to NAPO-NY for exemplifying Barbara Hemphill's sentiment: "Together we are better."